Mental Wellbeing

We ensure a positive learning environment where our students feel happy and able to flourish; this underpins everything we do. Within our curriculum we foster positive relationships, self-worth and acceptance teaching our students to recognise risk, accountability and positive choices. We have provided a page on our website to provide a comprehensive range of national and local services for our students and parents to access support for their mental wellbeing. We all have times when we have low mental well-being, where we feel stressed, upset or find it difficult to cope.

At our academy we want to give our young people the necessary support to build and develop emotional resilience and to maintain good emotional health. Our aim is to ensure that our students enjoy their time at school and are happy. There are many things that can impact on the emotional well-being of our students: keeping up with studies, falling out with friends, the pressures of social media, difficulties at home etc. We want all our young people to have good emotional health, the skills and confidence to cope with change, the ability to think through and solve problems and ultimately achieve their goals and be happy. Our Trust and academy are committed to the principles of securing good emotional wellbeing, to allow every young person to have the best possible experience and outcomes throughout their school journey.